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Canadian All-Star Nationals

Premier Destination Experience

April 12-14, 2024
Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, ON

The Big Show

The Canadian Cheer National Championships is a premier event taking place in Niagara Falls, April 12-14th 2024. National Championships showcases 8,000+ athletes from across the country to compete at All-Star Nationals, Canadian Finals and Canadian Worlds Face Off in one action-packed weekend!


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Online Registration:

Click the button above to begin your registration process.


  • Payment must be received before the payment deadline in order to secure the current price point. For example payment for registration at the Early Bird Rate must be received in our office before the Early Bird deadline.
  • Registration is not considered complete until payment, rosters and waivers have been received in our office.
  • All paperwork must be received by the deadline in order to be eligible.
  • Athletes need only submit one waiver for the entire competitive season.

Waiver, Coaches’ Honour Codes and Credit Card Authorization Forms are available on the Policies & Forms Page.

  • Each athlete must complete a waiver. Siblings must complete separate waivers.
  • One coach per program must complete a Coaches Honour Code. It is not necessary for every coach to complete a form.


Early Bird

Deadline: Jan 10, 2024
$ 155-165 per athlete
  • 1-Run Teams: $155 + HST/athlete
  • 2-Run Teams: $165 + HST/athlete


Deadline: Jan 24, 2024
$ 165-175 per athlete
  • 1-Run Teams: $165 + HST/athlete
  • 2-Run Teams: $175 + HST/athlete


Deadline: Jan 31, 2024
$ 180-190 per athlete
  • 1-Run Teams: $180 + HST/athlete
  • 2-Run Teams: $190 + HST/athlete


Performance Order & General Schedule:

*The performance order and general schedules posted are tentative.* As changes are made, the schedule will be updated and all coaches will receive an email notifying them that the schedule has been updated.

*The Final Schedule will be available 1-2 days before the event and can be viewed by clicking the schedule buttons below.*

Although all Canadian Cheer events are known for being run precisely on time, unforeseen circumstances sometimes cause times to shift slightly. We will always attempt to ensure that this does not affect any teams negatively.

2023 Division Splits are created with the following considerations:

  • Max # of stunt groups as the score sheet allots 60% of the score to building.
  • Consideration for reasonably competitive divisions (ie the desire to not have a division of 1 or 2 teams when possible).
  • Often there will be many teams of the exact size, hence why there is a slight variation of where the division split happens in each age group.

Division Splits are based on registration data as of March 1st.

  • Divisions sub-splits will not be changed due to registration data error, athlete injury or sickness etc.

U12 Prep Level 1

  • U12 Prep L1 A: <20 ath
  • U12 Prep L1 B: 20+ ath

U8 Level 1

  • U8 L1 A: <12 ath
  • U8 L1 B: 12+ ath

U12 Level 1

  • U12 L1 A: <16 ath
  • U12 L1 B: 16 – 19 ath
  • U12 L1 C: 20 – 22 ath
  • U12 L1 D: 24+ ath

U12 Level 2

  • U12 L2 A: <12 ath
  • U12 L2 B: 12-15 ath
  • U12 L2 C: 16-19 ath
  • U12 L2 D: 20+ ath

U16 Level 1 A

  • U16 L1 A: <16 ath
  • U16 L1 B: 16 – 19 ath
  • U16 L1 C: 20+ ath

U16 Level 2

  • U16 L2 A: <16 ath
  • U16 L2 B: 16-19 ath
  • U16 L2 C: 20+ ath

U16 Level 3

  • U16 L3 A: <16 ath
  • U16 L3 B: 16-23 ath
  • U16 L3 C: 24+ ath

Open 4.2

  • Open L4.2 A: <16 ath
  • Open L4.2 B: >16 ath
  • All Star Prep, All Star Level 1,  All Star Level 2 (U16 & U18 L2 may be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
  • All Star Prep, All Star Level 1,  All Star Level 2 (U16 & U18 L2 may be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
  • All Star Level 1 – 7
  • All Star Level 3 – 7 (U16/U18 Level 2 may perform Sunday)
  • All Star Level 3 – 7 (U16/U18 Level 2 may perform Sunday)

Score Check Schedule:

*Detailed event schedule information is available below on the day of the event.*

Teams will have 30 Minutes after their performance to report to Score Check for clarification/review. Teams that are last in their division should report immediately to Score Check as the timeline may be closer to 20 minutes after their performance time in order for us to remain on schedule for Awards.



Where to Watch:

Watch all performances for FREE on CanadianCheer.TV!

Event Photos:

Find and download amazing professional photos from the event for FREE on SmugMug.


Doors Open:

  • To Be Announced

Advanced Ticket Sales:

  • Click the button below “Get Advance Tickets!”.

Redeeming Store Credit:

2024 Tickets:

  • Adult $25-$65

    Age: 13+
    Pricing Details:
    1-Day Nationals Pass - $30
    2-Day Nationals Pass - $50
    3-Day Nationals Pass - $65
    Canadian Finals - $25
    Worlds Face Off - $35
    Worlds Face Off VIP - $65

  • Child / Senior $20-$65

    Age: 6-12 or 65+
    Pricing Details:
    1-Day Nationals Pass - $25
    2-Day Nationals Pass - $45
    3-Day Nationals Pass - $60
    Canadian Finals - $20
    Worlds Face Off - $35
    Worlds Face Off VIP - $65

  • Children 5 yrs & Under FREE

    Prices include tax.

Spectator Admission Details:


  • Athletes competing in the event who wish to enter the venue prior to when they are meeting their coach must ensure their coach has checked in at registration and receive their wrist band from the coach. Otherwise a ticket must be purchased.
  • In lieu of paper tickets all spectators will be given wrist bands upon purchasing access to the event.
  • Wrist bands must be worn for the duration of the weekend. Unfortunately we will not be able to replace misplace wrist bands. All wristbands are waterproof.
  • Athletes and coaches participating in the National Championships or Face-Off will have complimentary access to Canadian Finals.
  • Spectators will be permitted access to the building’s lobby without having purchased a ticket.
  • Please note that all athletes will be required to pick up their wrist band from a team coach before being granted access beyond the lobby.
  • Individual athletes will not be permitted to pick up wrist bands, with the exception of parent athletes.
  • Please note that telephoto lenses are not permitted.


  • Yes, tickets will be available for purchase on-site.
  • There can be long lines, however they move steadily. Please plan your arrival time to allow for ticket line ups.
  • Canadian All-Star Nationals tickets have a limited inventory and will be sold on-site if inventory allows.
  • Athletes and coaches participating in Nationals can use their athlete/coach wristband to watch the Nationals competition including Canadian Finals, no separate ticket is required. A separate ticket is required for Canadian Worlds Face-Off.
  • For spectators, the ticket for Canadian Finals is a special event ticket that is separate from Nationals day passes.
  • Children 5 yrs and under are FREE!
  • Canadian Cheer All-Star Nationals will be not be live-streamed. You can watch the performances following the competition at CanadianCheer.TV



  • There is pay parking at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre.
  • Canadian Cheer does not receive monetary compensation for parking.
  • We strongly encourage spectators to leave their vehicle at their hotel if possible. Don’t forget your umbrellas!
  • For more information on parking please visit the venue’s parking-specific web page. Additionally, you can reference the map on the last page of your event information package. The enclosed map also outlines the layout of the convention centre for the weekend.
  • Please note that spectators may enter the parking lot from either Stanley Ave or Dunn St but the exit to Stanley Ave is reserved for buses only. All other vehicles must exit the lot onto Dunn St.

Schedule of Events:

  • The tentative performance schedule has been posted under the “Schedule” tab. As changes are made, the schedule will be updated, and all coaches will receive an email notifying that the schedule has been updated.
  • Although all Canadian Cheer events are known for being run precisely on-time, unforeseen circumstances sometimes cause times to shift slightly. We will always attempt to ensure that this does not affect any teams negatively.


  • Please pay attention when awards ceremonies are scheduled.
  • Your athletes’ awards ceremonies are typically scheduled after the athletes’ session has finished.
  • Awards ceremonies will be taking place in the theatre, not on the main performance floor (with the exception of Special Needs and the final ceremony on Sunday evening).
  • A separate awards schedule is posted on the performance schedule page outlining awards times.
  • Please note that athletes will be meeting 10 minutes prior to their awards ceremony in order to prepare for the Parade of Champions.
  • Spectators and athletes must enter the awards ceremony through separate entrances.
  • Spectators will take the escalator to the 2nd floor where the awards queue will be located.
  • At the end of each awards ceremony spectators must exit the theatre into the lobby.

Food & Concessions:

  • Within the Convention Centre there will be a variety of food options available throughout the duration of the event.
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the venue.
  • Full buffet and Team dining options are available upstairs in the Port Colborne lounge.
  • Outside food and drink will not be permitted in the venue.
  • Visit the Niagara Falls Convention Centre Information Desk to pick up your Advantage Card and enjoy deals around the city! FREE for all parents, spectators, coaches and athletes!

Spectator Conduct:

  • In the spirit of sportsmanship Canadian Cheer is following suit with many large American companies and enforcing a non-recruitment policy.
  • Solicitation of athletes will not be permitted in any of the following form (but not limited to): signs, t-shirts with try-out dates, athlete gifts, handouts, etc.
  • Please keep in mind that casual conversations can be interpreted incorrectly so please be mindful.

Hotels & Stay-to-Play

Area Tourism Site:

While you’re in town why not see some sites, visit some museums or get out an enjoy the beautiful outdoors?


All teams attending the event that are located outside of 100km radius from the venue are required to abide by the Stay to Play policy. For additional details for coaches please email hotels@canadiancheer.com. Once a program registers for the event a welcome email will be sent from Event Connect to assist with the booking and reservation process.

Parents, spectators and athletes are asked to connect with their program administrator for Stay to Play instructions. We are not able to assist with reservations or circumvent the existing process.

Hotel Booking:

Book your hotel in the Canadian Cheer App or find more hotel information for this event by clicking on the link below.

Area Map:


  • Thank you for attending the Canadian Cheer All-Star National Championships! We are very excited to be back at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre!
  • Updated competition information and Performance Schedule will be posted under the above “Schedule” tab.
  • Included on this page are important details about the event and the facilities including warm‐up facilities, parking information, where to drop off athletes, athlete/coaches credentials, how to pick up athlete gifts, judging panels, legalities, grand champion awards and information regarding collection of waivers and coaches codes of conduct.
  • Please also be aware of our inclement weather policy and refund policy and procedures as posted on the above menu under “Event Registration Policies”.
  • On the day of the competition, please feel free to approach any of the Canadian Cheer Staff should you have any questions or concerns. Prior to the competition day, please email abbey@canadiancheer.com for any registration issues or marcy@canadiancheer.com for scheduling and legalities questions.

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Athletes & Parents

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