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Scoring & Divisions

All scoring and divisions are based on Cheer Canada’s recommendations. Select the section you are looking for below.
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All 2023-2024 Scoring and Division updates can be found here.

2023/2024 Canadian Cheer Division List:

U6 Novice

U8 Novice

U12 Novice

U16 Novice

U18 Novice

U6 Prep Level 1

U8 Prep Level 1

U8 Prep Level 2

U12 Prep Level 1

U12 Prep Level 2

U16 Prep Level 1

U16 Prep Level 2

U16 Prep Level 2 NT

U18 Prep Level 1

U18 Prep Level 2

U18 Prep Level 2 NT

U6 Level 1

U8 Level 1

U8 Level 2

U12 Level 1

U12 Level 2

U12 Level 3

U12 Level 4

U12 Level 2 NT

U12 Level 3 NT

U12 Level 4 NT

U16 Level 1

U16 Level 2

U16 Level 3

U16 Level 4

U16 Level 5

U16 Level 2 NT

U16 Level 3 NT

U16 Level 4 NT

U16 Level 5 NT

U16 COED Level 4

U16 COED Level 5

U18 Level 1

U18 Level 2

U18 Level 3

U18 Level 4.2

U18 Level 4

U18 Level 5

U18 Level 6

U18 Level 2 NT

U18 Level 3 NT

U18 Level 4 NT

U18 Level 5 NT

U18 Level 6 NT

U18 Coed Level 3

U18 Coed Level 4

U18 Small Coed Level 5

U18 Small Coed Level 6

U18 Med Coed Level 5

U18 Med Coed Level 6

U18 Large Coed Level 5

U18 Large CoedLevel 6

U18 Coed Level 6 NT

Open Level 2

Open Level 3

Open Level 4.2

Open Level 4

Open Level 5

Open Level 6

Open Global Level 6

Open Level 7

Open Level 2 NT

Open Level 3 NT

Open Level 4 NT

Open Level 5 NT

Open Level 6 NT

Open Level 7 NT

Open Coed Level 3

Open Coed Level 4

Open Small Coed Level 5

Open Large Coed Level 5

Open Small Coed Level 6

Open Large Coed Level 6

Open Coed Global Level 6

Open Coed Level 6 NT

Open Small Coed Level 7

Open Large Coed Level 7

Open Coed Level 7NT

Masters Level 2 NT


Primary (1-4) Beginner All Gender

Primary (1-4) Novice All Gender

Elementary (4-6) Novice All Gender

Elementary (4-6) Intermediate All Gender

Junior High (6-9) Novice All Gender

Junior High (6-9) Intermediate All Gender

Junior High (6-9) Median All Gender

Combined (7-12) Intermediate All Gender

Combined (7-12) Median All Gender

Senior High (9-12) Intermediate All Gender

Senior High (9-12) Median All Gender

Senior High (9-12) School Advanced All Gender

Senior High (9-12) School Advanced All Girl

Senior High (9-12) School Advanced NT All Gender

Senior High (9-12) Game Day All Gender

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Advanced All Girl

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Advanced Small Coed

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Advanced Large Coed

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Premier All Girl

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Premier Small Coed

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Premier Large Coed

CEGEP/Community College/Polytechnic School Game Day All gender

University / Degree Institutions School Advanced All Girl

University / Degree Institutions School Advanced Small Coed

University / Degree Institutions School Advanced Large Coed

University / Degree Institutions Premier All Girl

University / Degree Institutions Premier Small Coed

University / Degree Institutions Premier Large Coed

University / Degree Institutions Game Day All Gender

Primary Novice Cheer- POM

Primary Performace Cheer- POM

Junior High Performace Cheer- POM

Senior High Performace Cheer- POM

Post Secondary Performace Cheer- POM

U6 Prep Performace Cheer- POM

U6 Performace Cheer- POM

U8 Prep Performace Cheer- POM

U8 Performace Cheer- POM

U12 Performace Cheer- POM

U16 Performace Cheer- POM

U18 Performace Cheer- POM

Open Performace Cheer- POM

Masters Performace Cheer- POM

RSEQ Benjamin Level 1

RSEQ Benjamin Level 2

RSEQ Cadet Level 2

RSEQ Cadet Level 3

RSEQ Ouvert Level 1

RSEQ Ouvert Level 2

RSEQ Ouvert Level 3

RSEQ Juvenile Level 3

RSEQ Juvenile Level 4


RSEQ CEGEP Coed Level 4


RSEQ CEGEP Coed Level 5

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Score Check:

Coaches who wish to clarify point deduction(s)/legalities or challenge scores they feel are out of range in DIFFICULTY (for worlds teams only) may meet with a score convenor for review. The score convenor will have the ability to review the discrepancy and reward/deduct points accordingly. Please be sure to fully read and understand the Score Challenge policy thoroughly, any coaches/program found to be abusing the system will be barred from challenging scores for the remainder of the season or competition.

Teams will have 30 minutes after their performance to report to Score Check for clarifications/review.  Teams that are last in the division should report immediately to Score Check as the timeline may be closer to 20 minutes after their performance time in order for us to remain on schedule for Awards. All score check challenges must be submitted to the score check convenor within this 20 minute time frame.

Canadian Cheer will endeavor to communicate this information in a clear way, and do our best to ensure teams have an equal and fair chance to review their scores.

How Score Check Works:

  1. Report to score check after your team’s performance(5 – 10 mins). If you are within 20 minutes of awards please report immediately after your video review.
  2. Check with the score check admin(s) to see if your team sheet has been released and when the 20-minute time frame finishes. Ensure you are within the timeline and know the deadline.
  3. Request your team score check document from the desk.
  4. Review point deductions and difficulty scores (for worlds teams only), and reference the available grids and rules if needed. Your cheer replay email(s) should have a video clip of your deduction or legality.
  5. Challenges may be made for any scores out of range (worlds teams only) and/or point deduction/safety infractions. If you wish to challenge in one of these areas, please fill out this form and an appointment to speak with a legality official will be made. (Please remain near Score Check to ensure your request has registered. An official will meet with you according to your spot in the queue.) Ranges will need a detailed description of elements in the routine up for dispute. (IE – numbers of passes, number majority, stunt descriptions, etc.) The official will review your video and make a final decision. There is a 5-minute time limit per challenge, and only 2 coaches/team representatives are permitted to meet with the official at one time. If you have an official video ruling, please have your e-mail with video ready prior to your appointment with the official.
  6. If the challenge results in a score change, please request a new score check document with the changed scores. This ensures that the scores were entered into the system and are officially accepted.


We encourage you to send in videos of questionable skills prior to your event to receive an official ruling. Reminder that the skill performed at our events needs to be performed the exactly the same way it appears in the video to get a ruling overturned.

If you are looking for skill approval, or help for skill legalities, you can email s.derosa@canadiancheer.com, or for an official ruling, please email rules@cheercanada.ca (must have Cheer Canada membership number). or cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com; please note that prop approval must be received by the IASF prior to the event.

When requesting an official ruling from the IASF please make sure to include the following:

  • In the subject line: Your program name and Country you reside in
  • In the body of the email: The team’s Division, Level and area for which you are seeking a ruling (ex: Stunts – U8 L2 Stunts, U U12 L3 Pyramids)
  • Requests are limited to 1 Video of the SAME SECTION at a time. Multiple videos will not be reviewed.
  • We cannot evaluate any skill that is not submitted as a true attachment.
  • We cannot download a skill from iCloud (or any other online method) to review – or review a video on YouTube (or any other video service) as it does not give us the opportunity to reattach the video to our reply.
  • Rulings are based on the skill as performed in the video and are not a guarantee of legality as skills may be performed differently at a live event.
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All-Star cheerleaders range in age from three to adult, and various age groups and levels ensure that there is a team for everyone. Visit the Cheer Canada website for all recommendations.
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All-Star Prep:

Canadian Cheer aligns with the Cheer Canada and IASF rules set for Cheer Canada All-Star divisions. For rules pertaining to Prep or Novice divisions please visit their website.
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Canadian Cheer offers Pom cheerleading at our events throughout the season. We follow the Cheer Canada guidelines for rules and age grids.
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We follow all Cheer Canada Scholastic ICU Rules & Regulations.

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