Who are you Cheering for?  Share your Story 🎗

Who are you Cheering for?
Share your Story 🎗
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Cheer for the Cure
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Event Updates & Behind the Scenes
IT'S TRUE! 3 Days to go 💖

#CheerForTheCure #C4TC
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This Cheer for the Cure, we are cheering with Allegra 💖

Read @Allegra.tumbles Story: 

This Cheer for the Cure, I’m cheering for my Popi! My Popi is battling cancer right now, and although he’s the strongest man I know, he needs more cheers to keep him fighting and beating cancer!!

My Popi’s cancer is so unique his doctor takes his case all over the world to help find answers to help him

#C4TC #CheerfortheCure #CanadianCheer
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FOUR DAYS 💜 until Cheer for the Cure 💖

#C4TC #CheerForTheCure
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This Cheer for the Cure, we are cheering with Rylee 💖

Read Rylee’s Story: 

I’m cheering for my Dad because he was so strong when he had cancer and makes me so proud. I love him. I also am cheering for Dawn because she was so brave and is now in heaven from cancer. 🎗

#C4TC #CheerfortheCure #CanadianCheer
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This Cheer for the Cure, we are cheering with Arya 💖

Read @cf.aryahope’s Story: 

I am cheering for my great-grandma. She just turned 102 and has liver cancer. She loves watching me cheer. I love her so much!

#C4TC #CheerfortheCure #CanadianCheer
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The Tunnel 💓

#C4TC #CheerForTheCure #CanadianCheer
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