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Canadian Cheer 2024 Nationals
Canadian Cheer 2024 Nationals
Canadian Cheer Worlds Face-Off
Canadian Cheer Worlds Face-Off
Worlds Face-Off
Canadian Cheer 2024 Finals

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With 15+ events per season, we bring our classic, championship and premier experience to athletes across Canada.


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Event Updates & Behind the Scenes

What an incredible time we had with all of you 🫶 Missing it already!

#CanadianCheer #CanadianCheerNationals
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Talk about a CANADIAN CHEER season! ✨🇨🇦

@autumn.james.css rocking her season worth of medals 🥇🥈 including two of her latest: the #CanadianFinals jacket and the Nationals Club Double Zero pin! 

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 7 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: Cheer Sport Stormy Sharks

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 6 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: CheerForce Wolfpack Golden Girls

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
756 2
Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 5🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: Cheer Sport Star Spotted Sharks

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 4.2 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: TR Cheer Jokers

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 4 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: TR Cheer Bad Legends

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 3 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to:  Kingston Elite Allstar Cheerleading Steel

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Prep 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: CheerForce WolfPack Iconic

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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Your 2024 #CanadianCheerNationals  Judges Choice: Level 2 🏆✨🇨🇦

Congratulations to: TR Cheer Blackbirds

#CanadianCheer #GoForGlory
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