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Worlds Bid Declaration

We are pleased to offer bids to the 2024 Cheerleading World Championships at the following events:

  • Cheer for the Cure – 5 Partial Paid and 15 At-Large
  • Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships – 4 Partial Paid and 12 At-Large
  • Canadian CheerFest Abbotsford – 2 Partial Paid and 6 At-Large

The following selection and eligibility requirements will apply at all Canadian Cheer Bid events held in the 2023-2024 season.


All Programs with teams vying for a World’s Bid will need to meet the following participation requirement:

  • Must be fully registered for a Canadian Cheer event within the 2023 – 2024 season with 75% of their All Star teams (this includes Prep but not Novice, Rec or Cheer Abilities)
  • The 75% threshold must be met at a single event within the Province in which the program is located
  • Eligible Quebec Events: Montreal Mayhem, Quebec Championship
  • Eligible British Columbia Events: CheerFest Abbotsford
  • Eligible Ontario Events: Fall Classic, Cheer for the Cure, Winterfest, Big East Blast, Big East Showdown, Ontario Championships, Battle at the Border, Border Showdown
  • Eligible Virtual Events: Any Canadian Cheer brand event in the 2023-24 season that offers virtual options except Canadian Cheer National Championship (Virtual events only meet the eligibility qualifications, we do not award bids to virtual participants) 
  • Virtual Events will only be a qualifying option in the following circumstances:
    • There is no Canadian Cheer event taking place in the program’s home province.
    • Programs that do not have a qualifying event in their home province may qualify by sending some of the program to the event, and having a cumulative total of 75% of their program participate at Virtual Events or other in person events in the 2023-24 season.
  • For the purpose of this eligibility requirement, a gym program with multiple locations will need to meet the 75% requirement for each location that has a team vying for a Worlds Bid.
  • Programs with multiple locations must meet the required number of teams for the qualifying location, in the same province of the qualifying location but may use teams from any location to satisfy the requirement. *See definition of Gym Location below*

Bid Distribution Policy / Worlds Bids Rules:

  • EP’s must send each registered bid eligible team, The IASF bid acceptance form. (This form may be on the company’s website.) This must be sent before the competition
  • EP’s must accept and confirm The IASF bid acceptance form from all bid eligible teams
  • EP’s may only award the approved amount of bids as outlined in their IASF Bid privilege document
  • EPs must award all paid bids at the qualifier in order to award at large bids
  • All bids must be accepted within 72 hours of the event
  • Declined bids must roll down to the next bid eligible team. This may only take place within 96 hours (4 days) of the event
  • Teams may only upgrade from an At-Large to a Partial Paid bid OR a Partial Paid bid to a Full Paid bid
  • Teams may not switch bids of the same status from one EP to another
  • EP’s may only spend up to an additional $25 per athlete on gifts for all bid winning teams

Worlds Bid Acceptance Policy

Teams must accept or decline a bid by completing and returning The IASF bid acceptance form to the Event Producer within 72 hours of receiving their bid.

  • A team would decline a bid if they; already received a bid of the same status or they changed divisions after receiving a bid

Safeguarding Policy:

All IASF Member EP’s around the world have agreed to upholding the IASF World’s safety and Safeguarding policy. This is only required at the IASF Worlds Bid qualifying event. This is the same policy that is used at The Cheerleading and Dance World Championships for all NON-US teams.

Worlds Teams Roster Verification:

  • Roster Verification starts at the IASF Worlds Bid event
  • The 2023 IASF roster is to be used at all IASF world’s bid events. All NON-US Teams competing for an IASF Bid to the Cheerleading and Dance Worlds should have the IASF roster filled out and verified by the EP before taking the competition floor
  • EP’s must share the roster and information with the IASF within 72 hours after their event

Roll Down Bids:

Roll down bids may be awarded a max of 96 hours after an event.

Partial Paid Bids:

Any program that has met the above requirements will be eligible to be awarded up to 2 Partial Paid bids per program, at any single event (not per location). The value of a Partial Paid Bid will be $5000 CAD and will be made out in the currency of the host country and converted to USD.

Bid Payments will be made directly to The Cheerleading Worlds on behalf of the program. Payment will be made approximately 4 weeks prior to Worlds, after proof of registration has been provided.

Worlds Bids Selection Process:

Bids will be awarded based on the recommendations of the judging panel. Scores within each division will absolutely be a factor, but not the sole determinant in the judges’ recommendations. The primary consideration in the selection process will be ability of the team to be successful in their division based on the traditional scoring criteria and weighting for each division at the World Championships. Scores will, therefore, not be the sole factor in awarding Partial Paid and At-Large bids.

Scoring Process:

IASF Score Sheets 


Bids are not to be used as a recruitment tool. Any program found to be utilizing their bid to solicit athletes from other programs may have their bid revoked and be banned from future Canadian Cheer bid qualifying competitions. Teams with ineligible athletes, any athlete not verified through the Age Eligibility Worlds Check in process may be declared ineligible. Proof of age (government issued photo id) will be required for all World’s bid athletes. Please be familiar with the IASF and USASF eligibility applicable to your division.


Please see the IASF 2024 World Championship division list and Cheer Canada division list for details.


Teams vying for a bid may have no more than 2 crossovers to another team vying for a bid at the same event. Note: Crossover rules for the IASF World Championship may be different, it is the team’s responsibility to be aware of the IASF’s specific requirements.

Gym Locations:

Defined by ownership and physical location. Franchise operations with independent owners would be considered independent locations and may not use teams from outside their location to meet their eligibility requirements. This definition also applies to the maximum allotment of Partial Paid bids at any single Canadian Cheer event. Note: A written declaration of the Program’s independent ownership will be required.

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