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Event safety initiatives

Updated 11-10-2022

Canadian Cheer Company puts the safety of our participating athletes at the forefront of all of our events. We are proud to have always offered warm-up standards that meet and exceed the best practices recommended by our international governing bodies, as well as employ event standards that work to create a safe experience for all participants.

Athletic Safety Standards:

  • First Aid responders dedicated to each venue area
    • Each athlete area (warm-up, performance) have dedicated Athletic Therapists for athletes
    • Dedicated First Aid responders for spectator areas
  • Full size sprung floor tumble track for warm up
  • Safe and maintained equipment
  • Hydration stations after warm-up and post performance
  • Clearly outlined Emergency Response Plan in the case of athlete injury
  • Safe sanitization and containment of bodily fluids relating to athletic performance

Event Safety Standards:

  • Prohibiting the use of photo zoom lenses allows us to minimize the risk of photographs that compromise the dignity of the athletes
  • Professional photography services with extensive review that allows the removal and culling of photographs that don’t align with our desire to showcase the athleticism of the sport
  • Background checks for event staff in contact with athletes
  • Designated “athlete area” for athletes and coaches clearly identified by wristbands and signage
  • Ensuring all programs provide a list of coaches/trusted admin that are permitted access to the “athlete area”
  • Newsletters to coaches/admin that outline athlete flow, allowing coaches to set appropriate pick up/drop off protocols with their teams’ parents
  • Protocols that guide staff in the event of a reported missing child
  • Use of security guards throughout each venue

Additional Safety Measures at Premier Events:

  • Uniformed and ‘plain clothes’ police officers on-site at venues during competition times
  • Clearly marked ‘athlete area’ and ‘public’ areas

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