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Event Registration Policy

Updated 11-10-2022


  1. Full payment must be received by the registration deadline. To guarantee a registration rate, all forms and payment must be received in office by the stated deadline. No exceptions.
  2. Accepted methods of payment:
    • Certified Cheques
    • Business Cheques*
    • Visa* and Mastercard*
    • Direct Deposit
  3. Business Cheques
    • Business cheques will be accepted from Cheerleading Clubs, Schools, Organizations or Sponsors
    • Must be made payable to Canadian Cheer Company
    • Cheques dated for after deadlines will not be accepted
    • Cheques that are returned for any reason will incur a $50.00 return fee in addition to the principle amount
    • Cheques will no longer be accepted as a method of payment from the issuer in the future
  4. Visa & Mastercard
  5. Sales Tax will be added to all fees — dependent upon where the event is taking place
  6. Coaches Fees
    • Only registered coaches will be allowed to enter with the team
    • Each team will be permitted two (2) free coaches
    • Additional coaches will be the same price as the spectator fee unless a coaches’ lounge or gift is included
    • Teacher advisors must be paid & registered as an official coach
    • If the same individual coaches multiple teams within a program, they will only be counted once towards the total number of coaches included in the registration
  7. Deadlines
    • Online event registration must be submitted prior to the registration deadline accompanied with payment
    • Please note: payment must be received in office by the registration deadline to ensure performance placement and to avoid late fees
    • There is no guarantee of registration unless confirmed by Canadian Cheer
    • Events may fill up prior to posted deadlines


  1. If your team needs to cancel their performance for an event please contact the Canadian Cheer office immediately. Subject to terms and eligibility, your team may receive a credit to another event (within the same season) with written request.
  2. There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $100.00 per registered team.
  3. Credit will not be awarded for the cancellation of individuals due to the volume of participants. Substitutions may be permitted at no additional cost.
  4. Credit will NOT be awarded for a no-show, drop out, or scratch at the competition.
  5. The following schedule will be used to award CREDIT at any Canadian Cheer event with the exception of Nationals (please refer to the Nationals information below for the Nationals specific cancellation policy). Please note that credit will be awarded for the remaining registration fee after the $100.00 administrative fee has been subtracted.
    • Written request up to 4 weeks prior to the event: 100%
    • Written request up to 3 weeks prior to the event: 75%
    • Written request up to 2 weeks prior to the event: 50%
    • Written request within last 2 weeks: NO credit, regardless of issue.
  6. Nationals Cancellation Policy
    • Written request up to 8 weeks prior to the event: 100%
    • Written request up to 7 weeks prior to the event: 75%
    • Written request up to 6 weeks prior to the event: 50%
    • Written request within last 6 weeks: No Credit, regardless of issue.

Weather Permitting:

  1. Canadian Cheer Company will make every attempt to reschedule any event cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If the event is rescheduled and your team does not participate, there will be no refund of any registration fees.
  2. In the event of inclement weather, information will be posted the morning of the event on https://canadiancheer.com. Traveling teams can contact Canadian Cheer via email for updates. Canadian Cheer is not responsible for contacting each team, however, an attempt will be made to contact the head administrator designated by the registration.

Changing Divisions:

All requested division changes after registration has been processed are subject to a $500.00 administrative fee per change, in order to uphold the spirit of fair play by discouraging teams from switching divisions after the schedule has been posted and to cover the extensive administration time required to facilitate late changes. Teams with extenuating circumstances are advised to contact Canadian Cheer via email.

Covid-19 Considerations:

  1. Canadian Cheer will rely on the recommendations/mandates of national, provincial and regional Public Health authorities and Sport Governance associations when making decisions about event cancellations, restrictions and/or safety guidance in order to provide the safest environment possible for the participants, spectators and staff attending our events.
  2. All participants and spectators will be required to adhere to any government mandated vaccination and/or mask requirements applicable to the locale in which the venue is located.
    • Requirements, at minimum, will align with any government mandates and will be subject to the government mandated exemptions due to age eligibility or medical exemption. Venues or regional health authorities may impose additional restrictions at any time, Canadian Cheer will endeavor to communicate these changes in a timely manner when possible.
    • All-Star Gym Owners and School Administrators will need to certify that all athletes, coaches and administrators who are attending the event have met the requirements via a signed affidavit.
  3. Spectator admission to Canadian Cheer events will require all patrons to meet the requirements of any/all government mandates related to vaccination/mask wearing. The specific methods used to check and confirm these requirements will follow the best practices and guidance of the Venue and the Regional Health Authorities at the time of the event.
    • In order to control the maximum number of people in the building, events will likely utilize specific “Sessions” for teams and their fans with arrival and departure windows to help manage attendance numbers throughout the event.
    • Canadian Cheer will endeavor to provide virtual viewing options for all Live Events to assist enable more options to the family and friends who wish to view the competition.
  4. Refunds for registration will be offered if the team’s participation is directly affected by reasons relating to Covid-19.
    • If the gym or school is affected by a Covid outbreak causing facility closure or cessation of activities.
    • If a specific team is forced to quarantine due to a possible exposure.
    • If a national, provincial or regional health authority recommends against travel to the event venue.
    • Should a team or gym cancellation be required based on the above criteria, a full credit or full refund will be offered, depending on the specific circumstances and preference of the registrant.
  5. Event Cancellation
    • If a Canadian Cheer event needs to be cancelled due to a Regional Lockdown mandated by Municipal, Provincial or Federal governments, there will be a full refund offered to any registered team for that event.

Registration Forms:

  1. Athlete Waiver Form
    • All participants must sign a Participant Waiver/Agreement form in order to compete/perform at any Canadian Cheer event/competition.
    • Forms must be turned in before the competition in order for the participant to compete or perform.
    • Waiver forms must be completed for each season.
    • Crossovers within the same program need only one waiver.
  2. Code of Conduct Form
    • One Code of Conduct form must be signed per participating program/gym.
    • The signing Gym Owner, Program Administrator or School Board official must communicate the information presented by the Code of Conduct to all other coaches, team members, parents and other spectators.
    • This form will include confirmation that the gym has met the Covid Compliance requirements for that event — both in their facilities and while competing at the Canadian Cheer Event.
  3. Team Roster Form
    • A team roster must accompany EVERY competition registration form, regardless if changes have not been made from previous Canadian Cheer competitions.
    • All Star teams who do not have a Team Roster form turned in with their registration form PRIOR to the event will NOT be allowed to have members cross-over. This allows for fair-play and no last minute substitutes. In case of an injury on site the day of the competition, any last minute substitutions must be cleared by the Convener.
  4. Credit Card Authorization Form
    • A credit card authorization form must be handed in to the Canadian Cheer office in order to complete any credit card payment. A new form will be required for each new event, or additional payments.
    • This form must be completely legible. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Online Registration:

Online registration system (available at https://register.canadiancheer.com will be used to register for Canadian Cheer events for the 2022/2023 season. The head coach or registering administrator will be able to check the online system to see which athletes have been cleared for waivers, as well as for invoices, and receipt of payment.

Additional Note:

Canadian Cheer will follow IASF Safety Guidelines, but reserves the right to combine or split divisions, or otherwise, in order to facilitate the best competition experience for those involved. Additional divisions may be offered at some events, please check event information for details.

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