Laura Scott Cheers for Her Mother and Stepfather!

If you think your routine is hard, try battling cancer.

– Laura Scott

Laura Scott is a cheerleader at UCC Panthers, and this year she is cheering for her Stepfather, as well as her Mother.

Here is her story…

Hello my name is Laura, I have had many family members suffer the tough battle of cancer and some weren’t able to fight it. It hurt to see my family members struggle. It wasn’t until my step dad was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer that cancer really hit home. I watched him struggle, through chemotherapy dates and surgeries. The family was devastated. The doctor told us “he doesn’t have much time left”. He could barely leave his room, he definitely couldn’t work and on top of that was struggling to pay the medical bills for his cancer treatments/medications. Until one day a miracle happened he started feeling a bit better, he left his room and most of all he discovered soon after that, he was now in remission. He is still here today and I am thankful. After the good news we unfortunately heard more bad news. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is doing chemo, working full time as a construction worker, and raising four kids, while paying the cheer bills. She says “I have overcome so many bad things in my life and I WILL beat this one too”.

I will be on the floor pushing through my routing because if you think your routine is too hard, try battling cancer. I am doing this for my mother and my step father, and I am going to put my best on that floor because they don’t deserve any less.

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