Hair Cut for a Cure – Take the Challenge


This season Cheer for the Cure wants to challenge you!

Hi, I’m Hana (Cheer for the Cure registrar), and last week I cut most of my hair off, and am planning on donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they can create a wig for someone fighting cancer.  Let me tell you- I was dreading cutting my hair (I tend to look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt circa 3rd Rock from the Sun when my hair is short).  But, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I bit the bullet and just did it!

Now I want to challenge all of you out there to take the #HairChopChallenge with me, even if you are scared (like me)!  Think about it – your hair will grow back, and you will be helping someone feel like herself while she’s fighting cancer.  The Pantene Beautiful Lengths requires 8 inches in length, however, you can take the #HairChopChallenge with us even if you are cutting less length, as it will create awareness and maybe encourage someone else to take the challenge as well!

Not only will you be helping someone, but Cheer for the Cure has also banded together with ProCheer to offer a great prize pack to one lucky hair cutter.  Bring your ponytails to Cheer for the Cure to drop in our donation box, and we will do a live draw from the box to see who wins the prize!

Additionally- everyone who drops their ponytail off at Cheer for the Cure will be awarded with a Mini Bow to rock with their new short hair-do!

Once you cut your hair, place it in a bag (a ziplock would be preferred) and make sure you write your name and your cheerleading team and program on the outside of the bag so that we know who to contact once we do the prize draw.

Also- tag us in your picture on Facebook (Cheer4theCure), Instagram (@cheerforthecure), or Twitter (@cheerforthecure) and use the hashtag #HairChopChallenge.  You can also nominate your friends and teammates to take the challenge with you! We can’t wait to see everyone’s new cheer hair-do’s at Cheer for the Cure in December! #ShortHairCare -As always – you can send in your “Who Are YOU Cheering For?” stories for our blog. Any questions or “Who Are YOU Cheering For?” stories can be emailed to

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