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Score Check

Coaches who wish to challenge scores they feel are out of range in DIFFICULTY or to dispute a point deduction may meet with a score convenor for review. The score convenor will have the ability to review the discrepancy and reward/deduct points accordingly. Please be sure to fully read and understand the Score Challenge policy thoroughly, any coaches/program found to be abusing the system will be barred from challenging scores for the remainder of the season.

Score Check will open approximately 5 minutes after the conclusion of a division. Once a division is open, coaches will have 20 minutes to pick up their score check and review their scores. All score check challenges must be submitted to the score check convenor within this 20 minute time frame.

Canadian Cheer will endeavour to communicate this information in a clear way, and do our best to ensure teams have an equal and fair chance to review their scores.

How Score Check Works

1. Report to score check at the end of your division. If you are within 20 minutes of awards please report immediately after your video review.

2. Check the board to see if your division has been released and when the 20 minute time frame finishes. Ensure you are within the timeline and know the deadline.

3. Request your team score check document from the desk.

4. Review your difficulty scores and point deductions, reference the available grids if needed. If you would like to review your video prior to submitting a score check challenge please ask the staff at the desk.

5. Challenges may be made for any scores out of RANGE and/or point deduction/safety infractions. Please fill out the required pink sheet from score check and submit at the desk. A convenor will meet with you according to your spot in the queue. The convenor will review your video with you, and make a decision. There is a 5 minute time limit per challenge, only 2 coaches/ team representatives are permitted to meet with the convenor at one time.

6. If the challenge results in a score change, please request a new score check document with the changed scores. This ensures that the scores were entered into the system and are officially accepted.