Scoring & Divisions

2020- 2021 Skill Sequence Divisions

Crossovers: Crossovers are permitted. For skill section entries athletes may only enter within two adjacent levels (IE routine is level 2, skill section could be level 1 or level 3). Our goal is to facilitate competitive solutions, coaches are encouraged to email for special case scenarios. Substitutions due to injury or unforeseen absence are permitted, up to 2 athletes that do not meet the “adjacent level” guidelines may be substituted per entry. Please note that the “two adjacent levels” guideline does NOT apply to Dance or Jump skill sequences.

2020- 2021 Division List

2020-2021 Specialty Availability

EventAvailable Divisions
Fall Classic 2020All Divisions Available
Cheer for the Cure 2020 All Divisions Available
Faceoff Qualifier 1 Specialty Divisions Not Available
Faceoff Qualifier 2 Specialty Divisions Not Available
Big East Blast 2021 All Divisions Available
Quebec Championships 2021 All Divisions Available
Ontario Championships 2021 All Divisions Available
CheerFest 2021All Divisions Available
National Championships 2021Specialty Divisions Not Available