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2022/23 Statement on U16 Division

U16 Divisions at 2022/23 Canadian Cheer Events:

  • Events will follow the divisions offered by their PTSO/Cheer Canada in the jurisdiction where the event is located. 
    • IE Quebec events will offer the modified division as outlined by the FCQ
    • IE CheerFest BC will follow the divisions as outlined by the BC Sport Cheer/Cheer Canada
    • IE Ontario events (with the exception of Nationals) will follow the OCF directive relating to the U16 division – as listed on the Cheer Canada age grid.
    • EXCEPTION: Big East Blast/Big East Showdown will offer the FCQ modified division due to the cancellation of Montreal Mayhem.
  • Canadian Cheer National Championship
    • Will offer the FCQ modified division for this event only
    • Teams from anywhere in the country may enter this division if they meet the requirements as outlined by the FCQ.
    • It will be the coaches/team administrators responsibility to determine if their team meets the requirements of this modified division.

Crossovers: Crossovers are permitted according to the PTSO and Cheer Canada guidelines. Additionally, teams attempting to qualify or compete at Canadian Finals may only use athletes that compete a maximum of one level up or down from the team entered in Canadian Finals.
Athletes on mulitple teams may not compete against themselves. Teams with athletes on multiple teams within the same division may be disqualified.

2022-23 Division List

2020-2021 Specialty Availability

EventAvailable Divisions
Fall Classic 2020All Divisions Available
Cheer for the Cure 2020 All Divisions Available
Faceoff Qualifier 1 Specialty Divisions Not Available
Faceoff Qualifier 2 Specialty Divisions Not Available
Big East Blast 2021 All Divisions Available
Quebec Championships 2021 All Divisions Available
Ontario Championships 2021 All Divisions Available
CheerFest 2021All Divisions Available
National Championships 2021Specialty Divisions Not Available