Scoring & Divisions

All Star Division


U16 Divisions at 2022/23 Canadian Cheer Events:

  • Events will follow the divisions offered by their PTSO/Cheer Canada in the jurisdiction where the event is located. 
    • IE Quebec events will offer the modified division as outlined by the FCQ
    • IE CheerFest BC will follow the divisions as outlined by the BC Sport Cheer/Cheer Canada
    • IE Ontario events (with the exception of Nationals) will follow the OCF directive relating to the U16 division – as listed on the Cheer Canada age grid.

  • Canadian Cheer National Championship
    • Will offer the FCQ modified division for this event only
    • Teams from anywhere in the country may enter this division if they meet the requirements as outlined by the FCQ.

It will be the coaches/team administrators responsibility to determine if their team meets the requirements of this modified division. 


Please consult Cheer Canada for additional division rules, eligibility and image policy.

Scoring Methodology