Scoring & Divisions

All Star Prep /Novice Divisions



  • Novice = Maximum Routine length of 1:30 minutes
  • Novice divisions are allowed to be offered at multi-day event, however, Novice teams will compete only once.
  • Novice divisions will not be competing against each other and will be rated Outstanding, Excellent and Superior.
  • U6, U8, U12 and U16 Novice divisions follow the IASF Level 1 rules
  • U6 Novice are not allowed building skills. U6 Novice are only allowed to do forward rolls and cartwheels, however, they are not evaluated on them as a tumbling skill if performed (will be included as part of routine composition)
  • Novice divisions are not evaluated on difficulty of skills performed. Please review the score sheet for additional details.