Scoring & Divisions

All Star Prep / Tiny Novice Division



  • In Canada, Novice divisions are classified as Recreational divisions and will be referred to as Recreation on the Division List.
  • All recreation divisions have a routine length of 1:30.
  • Recreation divisions are allowed to be offered at multi-day event, however, recreational teams will compete only once.
  • Recreation divisions will not be competing against each other and will be rated Outstanding, Excellent and Superior.
  • Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior recreation divisions follow the level 1 rules.
  • Tiny Recreation are not allowed building skills. Tiny Recreation are only allowed to do forward rolls and cartwheels, however, they are not evaluated on them as a tumbling skill if performed (will be included as part of routine composition)
  • Recreation divisions are evaluated on technique, dance, performance and routine composition. They are not evaluated on difficulty and therefore, there are no rubrics for difficulty.
  • Recreation divisions must perform a basic (spread eagle, tuck jump) or advanced jump (pike, hurdler (left, right, front or side), toe touch). There is no requirement for variety or connected jumps.