Crown Sharks Are Cheering for Jade & Lilybelle!

The Crown Sharks are a J2 team from the Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge and we are cheering for a very special mom and daughter from our team.  The team is made up of 23 wonderful girls along with three coaches.

April 2018 Lilybelle was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She was very positive with herself and her daughter that she would be totally fine and beat it.  Unfortunately it was too far along and Lillybelle passed away at the age of 39 on Oct 4th leaving behind her 13 year old Crown Shark.

The team knew that Jade was going to need a lot of support and as a team attended the visitation for Lilybelle.  They wanted to show Jade they no matter what she was part of their team and they wanted to her continue with cheer.

Lilybelle was a loving, caring, fun individual who loved baking along with watching Jade at cheer or watching a movie or two.  She working very hard as a single mom to provide the best life she could for her daughter who meant everything to her.  As Jade wrote “this amazing woman is an amazing role model for anyone and never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. She always had the best attitude for anything and wasn’t afraid to do anything out of her comfort zone.  She loved everyone and had little to no people that disliked her.  Overall she is just one of the only people I look up to in my life and I can say that I loved everything she did, from just dancing around the kitchen to her long lectures that could last for hours.  I loved her so much, and I’m so happy she was here for the 13 years that I have been alive.”

The Lissard House in Cambridge is an amazing hospice that we are raising money for today.  One of our talented moms spent hours creating special bows in support of Lilybelle.  We will wear these bows in honor of her at cheer for the cure.  Each family made a donation for the bow which we will donate to the hospice.  We really hope we can make a difference for the patients that live their last few days as comfortable as possible.

This competition is an amazing way to raise money and awareness.  Crown Sharks are ready to “Cheer for the Cure”!

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