Coach Kristie From Cheetahs Chops It Off Too!

Coach Kristie From Cheetahs Chops Off Her Hair for Cancer!

When I was younger I was often bullied or picked on for having short hair as a girl, and had people often mistaken me as a boy. Especially when I joined ballet and they made it mandatory since you had to tie your hair up in a bun for class. So for my whole life I’ve always thought being beautiful meant having long hair. And even though having long hair didn’t make you “beautiful” it felt great because it gave me the confidence I needed since I was always so shy. I felt like I could hide behind it if I was too scared to speak up or to intimidate other people (who I didn’t know but I was scared of) since I was “the girl with the blue hair.”

But after seeing one of my athletes (Robynne) cut off her long beautiful hair that she has been growing for over 2 years last week to donate for #‎kidsforwigs I felt like I needed to change. This year has been one heck of a year but why not go the extra step to finally let go of my shell. So good bye to my long colourful hair, I hope it will make some person out there happy and that they take it since I bleached and coloured you so much.

I know my hair will grow back and when it does I can’t wait to start donating you to instill confidence within another individual who may need the extra boost like I did to grow.  To all the cheerleaders who look forward to the Cheer for the Cure, come say hi and have the courage to try the hair chop challenge.

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