Cheering for Auntie Dawn!

My name is Samantha Hunter, and I cheer for the PCT Cobras. I’m cheering for my auntie Dawn, a women who was full of love, confidence, and caring towards everyone. My auntie Dawn was the type of family member that you always made a point of giving a good hug and goodbye to at family celebrations and reunions. There is no words to explain how much she loved the children in the family. How she would always open up her home for celebrations and parties. All the kids loved her smile and how pure her heart was.

Her last couple years were tough. We could all see her start to slow down and change. Her body, voice, and movements, but yet, her smile never faded away from her face. Her loving nature was never lost. We all would make sure we treasured her last moments. We all would give her a huge hug before saying goodbye when we saw her, knowing that it might be the last time we ever did.

Cancer took her life 2 years ago, but her spirit still lives. Her bright smile in the darkest moments. Her laughter of purity on the quiet days. She always wanted all the children in the family to grow up and become loving and grateful of our lives. Of how lucky we were to have such a big family to care for us and to give us that extra push in tough situations. That voice in your ear that says “you can do it, I believe in you”.

I cheer for my auntie Dawn at Cheer for the Cure every year. She always wanted to come to one of my competitions but never made it to one. But I know she has seen all of them. She sits in the fan zone every competition cheering me on. Being that voice in my head saying, “Samantha, I believe in you”. That is all I need to keep moving forward.

My auntie Dawn  is the lady that inspired me to be a better person and to never take life, good health, and family for granted. 

She is MY Believer.

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