Lily Ryan is cheering for her Aunt Jen!

My name is Lily Ryan and I just started cheering for Beach Cheer Athletics, Tsunami. Cheer for the Cure will be my 1st competition and I’m excited to cheer for my amazing aunt Jen ?  My aunt has been through so much in her life and has fought hard every step of the way. She was first diagnosed with lung … Read More

Crown Sharks Are Cheering for Jade & Lilybelle!

The Crown Sharks are a J2 team from the Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge and we are cheering for a very special mom and daughter from our team.  The team is made up of 23 wonderful girls along with three coaches. April 2018 Lilybelle was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She was very positive with herself and her daughter that she would … Read More

Savana Is Cheering for Her Aunt Kay!

Hi, my name is Savana Aljoe and I am an athlete of the Cheer Sport Sharks Whitespotted Junior. This year, I lost one of the most important people in my life to cancer– my Aunt Kay. I am not only cheering for her, I am also cheering for one of my moms co-workers as well as one of her students … Read More

Megan Is Cheering for Her Grandpa & Aunt Carol!

Hi, my name is Megan Saulnier and I am an athlete on Royalty Elite Queens (IO5). This year I lost 2 important family members to this horrible disease. The sweetest person you would ever meet, my Aunt Carol. Carol fought stage 4 pancreatic cancer for 6 months and lost her fight in May. I am also cheering for my Grandpa … Read More

Hunter Is Cheering for Her Amazing Mom!

Hi, my name is Hunter and I cheer for Royalty Elite in Ottawa. I have been involved in competitive cheerleading for 8 years. Each year I cheer for my mom. I was only 2 years old, when my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I don’t remember much about my mom’s treatment but I know she fought … Read More

Cheer Sport Blacktip Sharks Are Cheering for EVERYONE!

Who WE are cheering for….. We would like to introduce you to our team.  We are the Blacktip Sharks, a Youth Level 1 team from Cheer Sport Sharks (   Our team is made up of 30 wonderful young girls, between the ages of 6-11.  We are lucky to have some very strong, inspiring female role models as our coaches: Ali … Read More

Saila will have her mom on her mind at Cheer for the Cure!

My name is Saila, and I am an athlete at Cheer Sport Sharks in Ottawa. My family and I have fought through the cancer world for awhile now, and I would like to share our story. This story begins at the end of August 2016, where a suspicious lump was found on the left side of my Mom’s breast. Calls … Read More

Karly and Hayley Are Cheering for Grandma Hammond!

Our names are Karly and Hayley and we are members of the Air Force Mavericks All Star Cheerleading Club.  This year, we are cheering for our Grandma Karen.  On December 19th, 2016, the Monday before Christmas, our Grandma was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  This was devastating news for our entire family.  Over the past 10 months, our grandma … Read More

Laura Scott Cheers for Her Mother and Stepfather!

If you think your routine is hard, try battling cancer. – Laura Scott Laura Scott is a cheerleader at UCC Panthers, and this year she is cheering for her Stepfather, as well as her Mother. Here is her story… Hello my name is Laura, I have had many family members suffer the tough battle of cancer and some weren’t able … Read More

Hawaiian Sharks Are Cheering for Karen!

On December 4th, the Hawaiian Sharks will take the floor wearing pink bows in honour of Karen Baldassarra. To the Hawaiian Sharks Family… Any kind of cancer is a crappy thing to have to go through. Side effects include, but are not limited to: nausea, hair loss, lack of energy, loss of self… and the list goes on! Cancer patients … Read More

Lauren from Cheersport River Sharks Is Cheering for Her Mom!

Click HERE to watch Lauren’s Video Submission! Lauren from Cheersport River Sharks is cheering for her mother, Patty. Patty works at the Cancer Centre of Eastern Ontario. She delivers chemotherapy to patients who struggle every day with cancer. Unfortunately, Patty was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. So this year, Lauren is cheering for her mom!

Ainsley Is Cheering for Her Mom!

Ainsley cheers for her mother, who never quits cheering for her! My name is Ainsley Williamson and I cheer for NNY Cheer Pink Flamingo’s. This year, I am cheering for my biggest fan– my mom. She has fought cancer (Lymphoma) twice, still never missing a competition. As a gym, NNY Cheer  takes  part in the American Cancer Society Relay for … Read More

Giuliana Makes the Cut for Cancer!

Giuliana, who cheers for the Cheer Strike Royals, Heiress team decided to chop her hair and donated it to Pantene, Beautiful Lengths program. Giuliana is always thinking of others before herself so when she asked me it wasn’t a surprise. She donated it on behalf of her great aunt Cari who is a breast cancer survivor. Giuliana is beyond excited … Read More

Running for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Cheer Strike Royals are sharing their story! On October 2nd we were proud of our team of Royal parents who together raised over $1800.00 and participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure. With their children, Royal athletes, cheering on the sidelines of the run, our amazing Royal Family taught their kids what it means to give back and to … Read More

Maddie Is Cheering for Grandma!

Story sent from Maddie’s mother: Maddie is a spunky and fun-loving flyer on the Megamouth Mini 2 team with the Cheer Sport Sharks. Cancer has been a nightmare in our family and taken the lives of many loved ones including her Aunt Jean, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Bob, and Great Nana and Great Papa. She’s cheering in their honour. Perhaps most … Read More

Coach Kristie From Cheetahs Chops It Off Too!

When I was younger I was often bullied or picked on for having short hair as a girl, and had people often mistaken me as a boy. Especially when I joined ballet and they made it mandatory since you had to tie your hair up in a bun for class. So for my whole life I’ve always thought being beautiful … Read More

Mckenzie From All Star Athletics Is Rocking Short Hair Too!

My daughter Mckenzie cheers for All Star Athletics in Beamsville, ON on their Mini Meteorites team. Kenzie has always had long hair, only having had 3 trims in her whole 7 years! Last week she took the #hairchopchallenge and cut 7.5 inches off!! Although she was sad she couldn’t meet the requirements for donation (those cheer ponytails have to look … Read More

Kingslea From CheerForce Wolfpack Chops It Off!

My daughter Kingslea has cut her hair for cancer twice for cancer. The first time she was 6, the second time she was 9 which was recently this year.  She was initially motivated to cut her hair when a boy in her school was diagnosed with cancer.  Just previously to that diagnosis she had lost her aunt to breast cancer. … Read More

Robynne From Cheetahs Takes the Hair Chop Challenge!

From her Coach, Tracey… One of our mini Chantilly Cheetahs has been growing her hair for a couple years now. Ever since her first competition at cheer for the cure, she has wanted to do something special for The Cure. This year her hair became too long to tumble without stepping on it!  She decided it had to be cut … Read More

Hair Cut for a Cure – Take the Challenge

This season Cheer for the Cure wants to challenge you! Hi, I’m Hana (Cheer for the Cure registrar), and last week I cut most of my hair off, and am planning on donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they can create a wig for someone fighting cancer.  Let me tell you- I was dreading cutting my hair (I tend to look like Joseph … Read More

Mariah Is Cheering for Friends and Family!

My name is Mariah and I cheer with the Cheerforce Wolfpack.  I am cheering for my everyone who has been affected with cancer.  My friends and family.  I am also cheering for all children who are battling this awful disease.  Lastly I am cheering for my daddy who died before he ever got to see me cheer.

Sawyer Is Cheering for Friends and Family!

Hi, my name is Sawyer and I cheer for the Smalltooth Sharks out of Cambridge. My friend’s mom died of cervical cancer and I am Cheering for her! She was an inspiration to all that new her!

Cheering for Oma!

My name is Kayla Slade and I am a coach and past athlete at Cheetah’s Cheerleading in Newmarket, Ontario.I have been attending Cheer for the Cure since I was an athlete in 2008 and C4TC means a TON to myself and countless athletes and staff at our gym because it helps spread the word and support those battling, not only … Read More

Cheering for Auntie Dawn!

My name is Samantha Hunter, and I cheer for the PCT Cobras. I’m cheering for my auntie Dawn, a women who was full of love, confidence, and caring towards everyone. My auntie Dawn was the type of family member that you always made a point of giving a good hug and goodbye to at family celebrations and reunions. There is … Read More

Cheering for Sandee Fusco!

My name is Stephany and I am a coach for Flyers All-Starz in Montreal. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of ’98. She battled with this illness for 12 years, and despite all her treatments, doctors appointments and surgeries she managed to be my biggest fan throughout my entire cheerleading career, always supporting me at every showcase … Read More

Cheering for Mamie Lily!

My name is Rosalie and I will be cheering for my grandmother « Mamie Lily » who has battled breast cancer 3 years ago.  She has been an inspiration for all of us in the family, never stopped caring and supporting us all in our sports.  In our family we have a hockey player, a gymnast, a dancer, a cheerleader and Mamie … Read More

Eric and Melinda La Violette Cheer for the Family and Friends!

This year, I have the chance of having my daughter on the same team as me IOC5 Black Lightning from Sherbrooke. There is simply too much cancer around us. My father in law was affected many years ago, I have a friend suffering with it right now, my wife lost a good friend to it 3 years ago leaving 2 young … Read More

Cheering for Auntie Janet!

My name is Emma Martin, I am 11 years old  I am cheering for my Auntie Janet who was diagnosed with cervical cancer almost a year ago.  She has gone thru treatment and we are hoping that she has beat it ! My Aunt Janet lives in Nanaimo but she has always been an inspiration to me.  When I am … Read More

Cheering for Auntie Kathy and My Dad!

Hello my name is Brittany Legere, I am a special needs cheerleader with the Cheer Force Wolf Pack All Stars. I’m from Oakville, Ontario and this year I am cheering for my Dad and my Aunt Kathy. The reason why is my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 when I was in grade 10 at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary … Read More

Cheering for Jackie!

I am coach Kate from Simcoe County Stingrays in Barrie, ON. One of our athletes, 13 year-old MacKena Murray has recently been recognized for her countless hours, sweat and tears put into fundraising for cancer research, survivors, those battling and local cancer support centres. More importantly, standing by her Mother Jackie (who is also one of our Stingray coaches). Jackie … Read More

Cheering for Grandma Suzanne!

Who WE are cheering for….. We would like to introduce you to our team.  We are the Blacktip Sharks, a Youth Level 1 team from Cheer Sport Sharks (   Our team is made up of 30 wonderful young girls, between the ages of 6-11.  We are lucky to have some very strong, inspiring female role models as our coaches: Ali … Read More

Who Am I Cheering For?

I’m cheering for the researchers who are helping to change the one in nine diagnoses into remissions. – Hana Hi I’m Hana- you may know me from the Cheer Evolution and Cheer for the Cure registration desks! I thought I would get this season kickstarted by telling you all my story about who I am cheering for. I first heard … Read More