Coach Kristie From Cheetahs Chops It Off Too!

When I was younger I was often bullied or picked on for having short hair as a girl, and had people often mistaken me as a boy. Especially when I joined ballet and they made it mandatory since you had to tie your hair up in a bun for class. So for my whole life I’ve always thought being beautiful … Read More

Mckenzie From All Star Athletics Is Rocking Short Hair Too!

My daughter Mckenzie cheers for All Star Athletics in Beamsville, ON on their Mini Meteorites team. Kenzie has always had long hair, only having had 3 trims in her whole 7 years! Last week she took the #hairchopchallenge and cut 7.5 inches off!! Although she was sad she couldn’t meet the requirements for donation (those cheer ponytails have to look … Read More

Kingslea From CheerForce Wolfpack Chops It Off!

My daughter Kingslea has cut her hair for cancer twice for cancer. The first time she was 6, the second time she was 9 which was recently this year.  She was initially motivated to cut her hair when a boy in her school was diagnosed with cancer.  Just previously to that diagnosis she had lost her aunt to breast cancer. … Read More